Gautam Adani Has Made His Way Back into The World’s Top Billionaires’ List

Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani, the billionaire and the founder of Adani Group, has returned to the list of the world’s top 20 billionaires. His current worth is 64.2 USD billion. This is a massive comeback for Gautam Adani, who has received many allegations lately. Gautam Adani presently has the 18th spot in the Boomerang Billionaire’s Index. His net worth saw a rise of 4.38 USD billion. 

In September 2022, Gautam Adani was the second richest person on the same list and had a net worth of 154 billion USD. However, after the Hindenburg Report allegations, the investors dumped Adani Group stocks, resulting in a massive downfall in the net value. After the allegations were dropped, Gautam Adani again made a significant comeback. The Adani Group stocks have also risen considerably over the last few months. 

How has Gautam Adani’s Return to the World’s Top Billionaires’ List Influenced Investors?

Adani Group has recently acquired new investors, including the GQG Partners, who raised their stakes in the company by around 10%. GQG partnership bought stakes worth INR 15,446.35 crores in Adani Ports, Adani Green Energy, Adani Enterprises, and Adani Transmission in March 2023. The investment value has currently risen to INR 25,515.50 crores. The owner of GQG Partnership, Rajiv Jain, is pleased with his investment. In a recent interview, he has also regarded Adani Group stocks as the best infrastructure asset in India.

Adani Group’s market capitalisation has reached the 10 lakh crore mark after the Supreme Court confirmed that the Adani Group is not guilty of any stock manipulation allegations. This was indeed a huge victory for Gautam Adani. The subsidiaries of the conglomerate were struggling considerably after the Hindenburg Report. The stock prices had fallen drastically, and the company had to put aside a lot of projects. However, after the allegations were removed, it made an excellent recovery. The stocks have been performing well in the share market.

LIC’s Investment in Adani Group Has Also Made a Recovery:

Besides the retail investors, the Adani stock revival has had a significant impact on India’s largest insurance company, the Life Insurance Corporation. The rebounding of the Adani Group stocks has replenished more than half of the wealth lost by LIC in the Hindenburg Research. India’s largest institutional investor presently holds 6.41% in ACC, 6.3% in Ambuja cement and 9.1% in Adani ports. Its other Adani Holdings include Adani Enterprises 4.62%, Adani Total Gas 6.02%, Adani Transmission 3.68%, and Adani Green Energy 1.6%. The combined value of this holding is around 5.4 billion USD, and a recovery of over 2.2 billion USD was made.

Recent Ventures of the Adani Group:

Of late, the Adani Group has taken up a lot of new projects. The conglomerate has focused on various projects related to renewable energy generation in India. It has won the contract to set up two transmission lines in Mumbai for supplying power to the various diverse remote regions of Mumbai. The company is also expanding its coal mines in Australia. Adani Group also plans to diversify its portfolio further and acquire control over various business sectors other than the ones it is currently attached to. It is actively involved in constructing ports in various corners of the country. This can have a significant impact on the global economy. Because of these new ventures, the number of investors in the Adani Group has also increased considerably, making the company one of the forerunners in the global economic scenario. 


Gautam Adani’s journey to the list of the top 20 billionaires has been spectacular. Although the journey wasn’t easy, he has reached the top because of his constant efforts towards fulfilling his goals and giving his company the success it deserves. His investment in the renewable energy sector has also been a game changer, turning the world’s attention towards him. This strategy aligns with the global renewable energy goals and has made Gautam Adani a key player in the energy transition journey. 

Adani Group’s venture in different infrastructure development has solidified Adani’s position in India’s economy. So, Gautam Adani’s comeback to the list of the top billionaires in the world serves as an example of India’s growing influence on the world economy. It showcases the potential of individuals to break through all obstacles and rise to the top of global health. His journey is also a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs worldwide.

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