How To Enhance Your Packaging With Custom Flip Top Boxes In 2023

flip top boxes

The easy flip opening and closing of these custom flip top boxes is what makes them different from others and make your product stand out among others. Whether it’s your cosmetic shop, clothing brand, or chocolate company, a flip style box is necessary for any industry looking to level up its product presentation for a healthy customer experience. 

The durable material and quality printing bring out the beauty in these boxes. Moreover, the elegant and eye catchy design with bright plain colors enhances the look of the product inside. People at the first look at your boxes will become fascinated and begin to think about what will be inside it. 

Luxurious Appearance 

Only a few packaging styles in the market deliver an outstanding luxurious look! Custom flip top boxes are one of them, whether you give it a matte or glossy texture, with both it gives a pleasant appearance. Moreover, the cool flip top box handle when open gradually creates a wonderful unboxing experience. 

Basic Material 

Here we will be discussing the intensity of the material. All of them are perfectly strong and prevent any wear and tear of the box due to any factor, especially during the shipment. Thus durable material reflects the high quality of the product as well. Your product stays safe and beautiful because when it’s powerful it reflects the beauty as well. 


It is also known as corrugated cardboard which is strong, lightweight and versatile. Further, it generates minimum waste and is safe for the environment. Flip top gift boxes with this material easily get high-quality printing. 


Rigid is the strongest of all made with hard paperboard which is then embellished with any fabric like paper. These boxes are perfect for giving a fusion of safety and luxurious aesthetics to your product packaging. 


Kraft is lighter than cardboard and stronger than a normal paper. However, the process of kraft paper is more durable than that of cardboard as it is made of natural pulp. You can have high-quality printing on this. 


Corrugates give a texture of ripple effect and are stronger than cardboard. In fact, cardboard packaging needs corrugated material to make robust and reliable boxes. 

Finishing Touch

Finishing is an important step to protect the appearance of the packaging from ruin. It prevents fading of the color and context on the decorative flip top boxes. Some of the finishing are as follows:

UV Spot

Only a few parts reflect a glossy shine and the rest of the part remains matte, this is usually opted for professionally presenting the product to to other businesses. 

Foil Stamping

In Foil stamping, reflecting foil paper, most commonly in golden and silver color is stamped to the box packaging giving it a rich taste. 


With this technique, you can have raised typography of an image, pattern, design, or text. You can see it normally on the invitation cards. The vibrant texture gives a delightful sensation by touching it. 


Unlike embossing, the detail is depressed or sinks down the printed surface of the paper. This effect also gives a special texture. The customer will enjoy getting their hand on it. 


Matte texture has the lowest grade of gloss in them. They felt like a rigid dark surface. This texture gives a unique sense of boldness and beauty especially when doing this lamination to flip top box with magnetic closure.

Soft Touch Lamination

This gives a protective finish with a matte touch and a little bit of velvet effect. Hence creating a rich and royal vibe of the packaging. 

Brand Awareness

A  flip top box with logo, brand name, and catchy taglines helps people discover what your brand is all about and which products it used to sell. Moreover, the colors and patterns also tell the storyline of your brand. For instance, if you sell chocolates and flowers in your shop, you can print floral patterns on them with either pastels or bright shades to enhance their look and make a unique impression of your brand. 

Wrapping Up The Blog

By reading this blog you must have understood that custom flip top boxes have made their own way to give your product packaging a new level of upgrade. Still, you have to be careful in selecting which material, and finishing suits your packaging. Moreover the color, design, add-ons everything should be a reflection of your brand to create brand awareness while also promoting your brand in the best possible way.

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