Reforms or New Construction: Which Suites Your Life Style?

New Home Construction

The decision to buy a home can be one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. The choice is affected by many factors, including the type of house we want, its location, construction type, whether the home is to be used for personal purposes or rented, and the initial condition of the property.

The debate has raged on whether it is better to renovate an old apartment or start new construction.

Advantages and disadvantages of renovation:

According to Cambridge kitchen renovation experts, many people choose to purchase a used apartment to customize it and make it more personalized. This option offers many benefits, as you’ll see in the following paragraphs.

Renovation advantages:

Custom design

Renovations can be used to create a new home or give an old one a second life. You can get an apartment that is completely tailored to your tastes and needs. The freedom will allow you to customize your home according to your needs and tastes.


More central

Renovations are the best way to get a more centrally located apartment, especially in large cities where new developments are rare.


Affordable price

In general, buying an apartment for renovation is much less expensive than purchasing a brand-new one. It also allows for more negotiation.

You must consider the budget you have available for the project. This will depend on how much work you plan to do and the quality of the materials.



We can view the renovations as investments, where the house can recover its value after the transformation. You can then increase its value to sell it or rent it out.


Renovation disadvantages:

The condition of the building

It is possible to increase the cost of renovation if the building is old. Before purchasing, it is important to thoroughly inspect the condition of your home. Look for dampness, damaged pipes, cracks, and other structural damages, both on the property as well as in common areas of the building, such as the patios, the terraces, the stairs…


Delivery Times

It will take some time to move into your new house. Complete renovations require time, as it is a complicated process involving different professionals.

It is important to spend time on the design phase of any renovation so that it can be well-defined. This will allow the project to progress more quickly and with fewer unexpected events and costs.


Advantages and disadvantages of buying a new home:

You could also buy a newly constructed apartment. It may already be built, or you might visit a prototype or show an apartment before construction to see how it will look in the future.

You can consider the disadvantages of buying a newly constructed home, even though you may have some advantages.


Advantages of building a new home:

Shorter delivery time

You won’t have to wait long if the house has already been built, since it doesn’t need any cosmetic work. You will need to wait a little longer to be able to enjoy the house if it’s not yet finished. The time depends on the stage of construction.


Brand new

You can rest assured that the apartment will be yours the very first time you use it, so there will be no need for any additional work.

Occasionally, small changes are made to suit the tastes and needs of the residents, like changing the light points or adding decorative covers.


Disadvantages of building a new home:

Customization is less important

The aesthetic, functional, and distribution changes tend to be very limited.


Price Increase

It will require a larger investment to purchase a new house, as it will already be in. This is especially true if the home is in a more central location or an area with a high concentration of residents due to a low supply.

Since it doesn’t need to be reformed, you won’t have to spend extra money on upgrades or renovations.


Storage is insufficient

Lack of Storage Space is a common problem in this type of home. You should consider installing different lifestyle solutions that will maximize the space available and allow you to store your belongings.

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