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Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and machine learning are some of the fields. That are rapidly growing these days and they bring exciting opportunities for professionals. Did you know that as per research, the robotics market is going to be approximately $81 billion by the year 2028? Isn’t it something enticing? Many people are considering the relevant technological career which actually promotes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education. It is said to be one of the disciplines of technology which is developing at a faster pace, and it is obvious that AI is going to shape the future of various industries including travel, education, manufacturing, employment prospects and even adventure. There is no doubt that many people want to pursue a profession in AI and related fields.

Today, many education providers are providing beneficial and future-proof certifications in technology. One of the most commendable ed-tech providers is Jaro Education. They are a reading education provider that spans a variety of subjects and it aims to enhance the skills, talents, and aptitudes of an individual, majorly all working professionals, giving them the comfort of accessing their course online from any place they want. Moving on to AI, Machine learning or robotics education, let us clear the basics for you!

Machine Learning: Need of the Hour

Considered to be the sub-field of AI, machine learning is a very important concept in today’s world. From finance, healthcare, self-driven cars, chatbots, cyber security to gaming, machine learning is something that is growing and even enhancing the job opportunities in the field. Jaro Education is an ed-tech firm that provides courses such as Executive Programme in Applied Data Science using Machine Learning and artificial Intelligence, and facilitating essential learning.

Talking about some relevant fundamentals, many people confuse Robotics with AI (Artificial Intelligence), but let us clear the air for you! These are two different yet dependable terms in which AI focuses on enabling the machinery to develop the intellectual mindset as humans. However, on the other hand, Robotics is something which includes designing and constructing physical robots which drives innovation at another level.

Future of Tech: Spans Diverse Industries

There is no denying that Machine learning, AI, and Robotics are going to expand their wings into different fields. Take a look at these industries!


These fields have made their impact in the hospitality industry as it can perform various activities more safely than humans. The application of AI in the hospitality industry improves your business awareness, enhances customer loyalty, and also the human experience.

Healthcare Industry

Another important field where AI is making its way is the healthcare sector. There are chances that we can have intelligent robots which are going to perform the primary jobs of a doctor which actually sounds very strange but there are possibilities. Many studies say that those robots can communicate with the patients, observe their health and also decide whether they have to go to the hospital or not.

Manufacturing industry

Technological Education is also going to be very helpful in the production industry such as automobile production. There are certainties that Robots are going to help in material handling, packaging, welding or some other activities such as cutting, these are some activities which Robotics are capable of, as of now. Due to the advancements in technological aspects. These operations can replace the human need for these activities which basically means. That there will be a shortage of employment for the people.

There are so many other industries where AI can flourish and help. Such as industrial areas, logistics, military, entertainment industry, travel and much more. Now, it is quite clear that Machine learning/ robotics is expanding itself in various sectors, so we can say that there is a need for education in technology, AI, and more. Many people are opting for these significant certifications in order to lead a successful future. As we have mentioned already, Jaro Education is a premium ed-tech company that provides high-quality learning, so let us elaborate this for you!

Future-proof Career with Jaro Education

Robotics, Machine Learning, AI Education are fields of technical study. That include the design, construction and the proper application of things. It includes the automated work, manipulation and the whole process of application and implementation. Jaro Education has come up with various Analytics and Data Science certifications which involve full-fledged learning regarding technological aspects. There are certifications by Jaro namely Advanced Data Science Certificate Program, Professional Certificate Programme in Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence, and much more which you can explore.

There is a good scope in Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Robotics as career options because. These are going to play an important role in the future. Not only at the small scale, but this is also going to be a step up to the domains such as Nuclear Science, Biochemicals, and many others.

Tips to Remember!

In order to become a robotic engineer or an AI professional, one should develop abilities such as:

  • Enrol in the certifications and diplomas.
  • You can opt for online certification via Jaro Education.
  • Along with the degree or certification. You must look for significant experience in order to get hired in a good company.
  • Pro Tip- Try to make an online portfolio that allows your employers to see your capabilities.
  • Try to be in a network with other professionals and stay up to date with the latest trends.
  • Learn skills such as Machine learning, Data science, NLP, Problem-solving, etc.

Get started with Jaro Education!

Let us mention that not only you can opt for Robotics Engineering but there are several options such as Electro-Mechanical and Robotics Technician, Mechanical Engineer, Software Developer, Hardware Engineer, Aerospace Engineer and others. Education in the field of Artificial Intelligence is really necessary if you are someone who is keen in this area. It is an aspect that changes the way a person thinks and adapts to situations.

Talking about the jobs in this particular sector, there is always going to be work in this field. Whether in construction, programming, maintaining or even repairing, data science, etc. If you are someone who is looking for a related course. You can check out the range of courses from Jaro Education.

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