Unlock the Power of Words: Writing Careers You Can Pursue

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Words have the power to inspire, words have the power to influence.

Today, the word lives in appreciation of legends such as Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway, and more because their words left a strong impact.

If you’re a good writer, your words hold the power to change the world.

Businesses and brands understand the necessity of good writers; they know good writing can set their company’s reputation and reliability in people’s eyes.

These companies are always on the hunt for talented writers who can add value to their team.

If you’re a writer or someone aiming to enter the field of writing, you may have come across job postings by various organizations.

The responsibilities of these positions vary from one another, creating confusion about the career path one should choose.

If you’re faced with the dilemma of choosing a writing job, this article is here to help.

To help you choose a job that works for you, listed below are a few writing careers and the skillset each requires:

  • Author

As an author, you are responsible for writing stories and prose for various genres.

You can either work as part of an ebook company or individually.

Authors create published works that are either released in physical form or online.

As authors are responsible for published works, you need to have exceptional writing skills.

Besides writing, authors need to frequently read; it helps improve their writing skills and serves as an ideal inspiration.

Authors need to have good creative writing because they need to craft compelling storylines with engaging characters, and well-developed worldbuilding.

If you enjoy long-term projects and are fond of reading novels, becoming an author is a good career choice.

  • Journalist

In journalism, you’re responsible for reporting on current affairs and issues, whether local or international.

Journalists create and publish reports in newspapers, magazines, news channels, or online publications.

As a journalist, you need to be an excellent researcher and active person.

The work of a journalist requires them to actively participate, conduct field visits, interview people from various backgrounds, and have discipline.

As a journalist, you need professionalism and discipline, do extensive research, and go above and beyond to ensure you report the right facts.

  • Content Writer

As a content writer, you’re responsible for writing written content for websites, blogs, and social media platforms.

This content is used to promote products, services, or features of a brand.

Therefore, a content writer needs to specialize in making convincing and engaging content as it should lead to readers responding to the call to action.

As a content writer, you need to be prepared for a fast-paced environment as you’ll be receiving content requests from multiple brands with different services.

You’ll need to do in-depth research and take time to understand a brand’s feel and intention before customizing written content so it aligns well with the company’s values.

  • Wikipedia Editor

If you have a knack for correcting and improving your writing, you should explore Wikipedia editing.

Professional Wikipedia editors regulate the information platform by reviewing submitted articles and pages.

Rather than writing, professional Wikipedia editors are responsible for reviewing and correcting existing written work.

Professional Wikipedia editors accept and reject submissions based on how much they adhere to Wikipedia guidelines.

Editors are part of Wikipedia to maintain the site’s credibility; you need to have excellent writing and research skills to immediately recognize misspellings, fallacies, and misinformation in submitted content, ensuring no bias or hateful speech present.

  • Screenwriter

If you have a flair for dramatics, you need to write for the big stage.

Screenwriting is a profession based in the entertainment industry; it creates scripts and narratives for movies and TV shows.

As a screenwriter, you need to write scripts based on stories, including directional cues and dialogues.

Screenwriters must have a good grasp on crafting realistic dialogue and compelling stories; they ensure the script is engaging and excites people for the next scene.

For screenwriting, you must be well-versed in movie and show genres, have practice working with multiple narrative styles, and be creative.

  • Ghostwriter

If you’re more comfortable working in anonymity, research about ghostwriting!

Ghostwriting refers to the practice of writing for businesses, blogs, and authors while remaining unnamed in the final publication; the client is credited as the author.

Ghostwriting is for various platforms and reasons. However, the main requirement people keep from ghostwriters is excellent writing skills.

People and businesses appoint ghostwriters to have professionally curated written content, that is well-researched and structured.

Ghostwriting is managed by legal contracts that ensure the writer is paid and the clients get ownership rights to the content.

If you believe you can confidently manage a project alone, be satisfied with remaining uncredited, and adapt quickly based on client needs, ghostwriting is a decent career choice.

  • Translator

Do you speak more than one language? Are you a fluent speaker?

A translator is responsible for converting content from one language to another.

Translators need to have exceptional reading and writing skills as well as fluency in the languages they work with.

People hire translators because they do a better job at translations than search engines; thus, translators need to convert writing while maintaining the context and quality of the original text.

  • Instructional Designer

If you want to work in a field that encourages further learning, you should be an instructional designer.

Instructional designers create educational content for online learning platforms, courses, or educational videos.

Being an instructional designer requires exceptional research and reading skills as you need to write factually correct content that explains concepts.

Most importantly, you need to have the ability to simplify difficult concepts, making them easier to understand.


The writing industry is vast and constantly growing.

The abundance of career opportunities makes it difficult to choose one job; therefore, having your priorities straight helps you make an informed decision.

Whether you work with professional Wikipedia editors, as an author, write for the big screen, or do anything else, make sure you give it your all!

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