Which OTT Platform Has the Best Content?

The streaming wars are in full force, with multiple OTT (over-the-top) platforms competing for subscribers. Top services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and MX Player all offer expansive libraries of on-demand entertainment. But with each boasting thousands of movies and shows, how do you determine which OTT platform truly has the best content?

In this overview, we’ll compare the content offerings across leading Indian OTT services to help you decide which one provides the most enjoyable and compelling viewing experience.

Evaluating the Key Factors of an OTT’s Content Selection

When assessing an on-demand streaming library, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Quantity – Overall number of titles (ideally a mix of movies and shows)
  • Originals – Quality and quantity of platform-exclusive original content
  • Movies – The variety and quality of films offered, spanning new releases, classics, regional cinema etc.
  • Shows – The depth of top television series, both legacy and current
  • Regional content – The availability of local language and regional Indian content
  • Quality over filler – How much of the catalogue is fresh, acclaimed content versus filler

Weighing each OTT across these categories will give a sense of which truly offers the most appealing and substantive viewing library.


As one of the pioneers of streaming video-on-demand, Netflix offers an extremely extensive content library with over 6000 total titles available in India.

  • Originals – Netflix has been at the forefront of original streaming content, with acclaimed Indian originals like Delhi Crime, Little Things, Sacred Games and films like Partner Movie. Its investments result in top-notch original series and movies.
  • Movies – Netflix licenses Indian hits from major studios along with Hollywood blockbusters. Its selection of classic Indian cinema is limited, but it has strong contemporary movie offerings.
  • Shows – Netflix offers acclaimed international series and makes deals for top Indian serials after their TV runs. But its Indian show lineup is thinner compared to rivals.
  • Regional Content – Netflix is expanding its regional content slate, but lags behind Prime Video and other competitors in this area currently.
  • Quality over filler – Netflix paces its weekly additions carefully, more focused on having acclaimed series than maximizing sheer volume.

With its unmatched original content investments and quality-over-quantity approach, Netflix delivers one of the most consistently compelling catalogues. But it still lags in key areas like regional Indian content.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video’s library in India contains roughly 5500 distinct titles spanning movies, shows and originals.

  • Originals – Standouts like Siddharth Roy Movie, The Family Man and Paatal Lok demonstrate Prime Video’s investments in top-notch Indian original series. It is quickly gaining ground in original films too.
  • Movies – Prime Video has strong Bollywood offerings, from recent blockbusters to beloved classics dating back to the 1950s golden era.
  • Shows – Big TV serial deals give Prime Video robust Indian TV show options from top channels, though depth lags at times.
  • Regional Content – One of Prime Video’s advantages is its vast selection of regional Indian movies and shows spanning Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali and more.
  • Quality over filler – More misses on some niche acquisitions, but generally laudable quality control on bigger additions.

Backed by extensive deals for Indian cinema and shows, Prime Video likely edges out Netflix in terms of local content breadth and diversity.

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar combines Disney’s family brands with Hotstar’s local content library of over 1000 Indian movie titles and 100,000 hours of television.

  • Originals – Attention grabbing Indian original series like Aarya, Special Ops and Criminal Justice showcase Hotstar’s investments in high-concept productions.
  • Movies – From new Bollywood releases to classic evergreens, Hotstar offers an unmatched selection of Indian films.
  • Shows – Hotstar sets itself apart with same-day streams of popular Indian serials before their TV broadcast plus enticing international picks.
  • Regional Content – Included within Hotstar’s vast Indian cinema selection are movies from major regional languages. But depth varies across Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, etc.
  • Quality over filler – Top-tier Indian originals and shows balance out some filler acquired content in areas like lifestyle programming.

For Indian cinema lovers, Hotstar’s movie catalogue is simply unrivaled. Its quick access to current Indian serials also satisfies TV fans.

MX Player

As a free, ad-supported service, MX Player distinguishes itself through a hyper focus on Indian programming.

  • Originals – Attention-getting originals like Queen showcase MX Player’s efforts to compete in prestige Indian streaming content.
  • Movies – A solid library of over 2000 Indian movies spanning Hindi cinema, regional gems and niche picks for every taste.
  • Shows – From beloved sitcoms to recent serials, MX Player offers hundreds of Indian shows to binge.
  • Regional Content – MX Player’s core emphasis is providing depth in regional content, from Marathi and Gujarati to Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and more.
  • Quality over filler – The focus on Indian content reduces filler, but production values can be mixed on more obscure acquisitions.

MX Player wins on free access and exceptional depth in regional Indian movies and shows. For local content, it gives paid services a run.

Verdict: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video Lead in Quality

Reviewing the key content factors makes it clear that Netflix and Amazon Prime Video stand out as the top paid OTT platforms in India based on their quality and variety of entertainment.

Netflix still edges ahead in prestige Indian originals and curated quality over filler. Prime Video counters with unbeatable depth in Indian movies and regional content.

For free services, MX Player offers outstanding regional material. Meanwhile, Disney+ Hotstar provides the best premium access to new Indian cinema releases and current TV serials.

But looking holistically at originals, movies, shows, and quality, Netflix and Prime Video remain the well-rounded leaders in overall OTT content. Their investments result in an engaging blend of top Indian and international programming. Detailed comparison shows why these two giants sit at the top of India’s booming streaming industry.

Which OTT platform has the most movies?

Amazon Prime Video currently has the most movie titles available, with around 5,500 films in India across Hindi cinema, Hollywood, and regional languages.

Which has more shows – Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Netflix has a larger catalogue of international and foreign language series. But thanks to Indian TV deals, Prime Video edges it out in the number of Indian serials and episodic content.

Do Indian OTT services censor any content?

Subscription streaming content is not censored. But Indian platforms do moderate and avoid adding movies that would draw government objections.

Where can I find old classic Indian movies to stream?

ShemarooMe specializes in classic Bollywood films. Amazon Prime and Disney+ Hotstar also both have sections dedicated to beloved vintage Indian cinema.

Which service has the most 4K HDR content in India?

Netflix and Prime Video are tied for the most 4K Ultra HD titles that take full advantage of advanced TV displays.

Can Indians access different content than other regions?

Yes, Netflix, Prime and others obtain country-specific licenses. So Indian viewers see different titles, especially for Indian movies, compared to other markets.

India’s streaming services make it an amazing time to be an entertainment fan. Assessing content breadth and quality helps match viewers with their ideal OTT platform.


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