Why Can’t I Access Netgear Router Login Page

Netgear Nighthawk router

I want to update the firmware on the Netgear Nighthawk router but can’t log in. In fact, I can’t even access the Netgear Nighthawk router login  page. How to update it now?

Are you also stuck in a similar situation? Can you not access the Netgear router login page? Well, we can help you get rid of this issue. Read this article entirely and see what you should do to log in so that you can manage your Netgear router’s settings.

How to Fix Netgear Router Login Issue?

1.Use the Right URL

Make sure that the login URL that you are using to access the Netgear WiFi router login page is the right one. The right URL for the Netgear Nighthawk router is routerlogin.net.

Apart from using the right address, you should make sure that you are typing the URL without any typing mistakes. Cross check the entree before you proceed further.

2.Use IP Address

If the login URL does not help you log into your router, then you can also use the IP address. The default IP address of your Netgear router can be found in the user manual. Check the user guide and find your router’s IP address from there and log in to your Netgear router.

To avoid the IP conflict, a different IP address might be assigned to your Netgear router. The new IP can be found by using the Command Prompt on your computer. Connect the computer to the router’s network and then open command Prompt. Ping ipconfig and you will get the IP address. Use this IP to log in.

3.Connect to the Right Network

You should be connected to the right network while you are logging in to your Netgear router. Check the WiFi name to which the PC is connected to. Make sure it is connected to the Netgear router’s WiFi. Select the router’s SSID from the list and connect to it now and then access its login page or Routerlogin net page.

4.Get the Browser Fixed

When logging in to your Netgear router using the computer, you use a browser. To avoid getting stuck into a mess of issues make sure that the browser that you are using is:

  • Updated to the latest version
  • Has the cache and cookies cleared from it
  • Is supported by Netgear router login

Hence, update the browser and clear its cache and cookies and then try to log in to your router. Make sure that you are typing the URL or IP Address in the URL bar and not using the search bar for the same.

5.Check Internet Connection

The Netgear router should be well-connected to the modem. If the connection between these two devices is not stable then you won’t be able to access the login page of your Netgear router. We suggest you check this connection right away. Mend any issues in the connection. You may need to replace the LAN cable used to connect the router to the modem. Or if the devices are connected wirelessly, then you should bring the devices closer to each other. Netgear Nighthawk router login

6.Check Power Supply

If the Netgear router is not fully booted up, you won’t be able to connect to its network and hence can’t log in. Check the power socket into which the router is plugged. Also, check the power cable of the router. It shouldn’t be loose. If the power supply to the router is fluctuating then it will get stuck in the boot-up loop. So replace the damaged socket and insert the power cable properly.

In the End

Once you have applied the fixes given in this post, we are sure you will be able to log in without any hassle. If you still face any issue accessing the router login page then reboot the Netgear router and the modem and then try to log in. You can also use the Netgear Nighthawk app to log in to your router using your mobile phone.

Now that you are logged in, go to the settings and update the firmware on your router to the latest version.

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